About Us


ART BY WILKELD is a project embarked on by travel photographer, Will Salkeld, to showcase his photos to the world and offer everyone an opportunity to own affordable art that tells a story.

Each artwork is meticulously crafted to capture the emotion and character of unique cultures and landscapes from all around this great planet we call Earth, and nothing excites Will more than knowing his art is being enjoyed by others in a high-quality physical format.

Forever seeking new subjects, Will Salkeld’s body of work explores everything from aspirational luxury travel to vulnerably raw human experiences. His decade-long travel photography career has yielded work with a distinctive sense of adventure, offering vibrant and contemporary interpretations of our wondrous world.

Inspiring others to think differently about life and the lands we live in has always been a driving force behind Will’s photography. As much as photography has allowed him to preserve cherished moments and memories, it’s the unknown and undiscovered that motivates Will most when he picks up a camera.